New Exterior Doors Improve Property Value and Peace of Mind

Homeowners in the Chicago area value a secure and comfortable home. Installing new exterior doors on your Chicago home will improve property value, increase peace of mind and create greater levels of comfort and security for your family. How can a door do all of that? With quality design, precise manufacturing and expert installation.

New Exterior Doors Boost Curb Appeal

Changing your existing door (or doors) for a newer model is similar to changing your outfit – it can provide a whole new look. New exterior door models include decorative window inserts, attractive wood grain patterns and classic panel profiles. Include a transom window or sidelights for higher levels of natural light inside your home. Replacing a traditional storm door with a modern screen door is another popular project.
Upgrading your exterior door is an affordable home improvement that boosts curb appeal and dresses up the house. Add style and an upscale atmosphere with a new door or set of doors. Choose the color, profile and accents you prefer to create the ideal entrance for your home.

New Exterior Doors Provide Greater Strength and Security

Today’s door products have enhanced designs targeting strength and security. Quality steel and fiberglass doors come with better locking capabilities, including steel channels and a layered design to resist warping and excessive force. Hardwood doors require regular maintenance, but provide a solid, highly durable barrier that can be fitted with the latest locking mechanisms.
A well made, properly installed exterior door discourages burglars. Older, flimsier doors make easy targets and allow would-be thieves to gain entry quickly. Invest in your family’s security by upgrading your existing entrance, side or garage man-door with good quality products that include enhanced strength and security features.
New Exterior Doors Improve the Building Envelope
Improved insulation is another benefit of exterior door replacement in Chicago homes. Energy efficient doors act as a heat barrier, keeping in the cool during summer and blocking heat from escaping over the winter. In spring and fall, a well made door helps to protect your home from wind and other harsh weather conditions.
Doors play a major role in your building envelope, and must complement the exterior finish, windows and roofing in order to offer optimum protection and insulation value. Think about the door panel design as well as any windows incorporated into the door, and be sure to invest in a product with insulation value and maximum durability.

What to Consider in an Exterior Door

Think about these three vital factors when shopping for a new door:

Exterior Door - Wood and Glass* Appearance – it must suit your home’s architecture, and fit within your personal tastes.
* Durability – including the insulation value, strength and security features.
* Maintenance – hardwood doors must be stained or painted on a regular basis, but scratches and marks can be easily fixed, while steel and fiberglass replacement doors are low maintenance, but more difficult to repair when damaged.

Weigh your options and compare products in order to chose the best exterior door for your Chicago area home. This home improvement project will add curb appeal, enhance security and improve energy efficiency. Talk to your local contractor about all of the benefits new exterior doors can offer your family.