Revived Exteriors, Inc. has done 100’s of roofs over the last 4 years in Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove,  Long Grove, Northbrook, etc. We are focused on taking care of your roofing needs by using the best products available to ensure your roof will be durable and resilient in this weather we have been having in Illinois lately.  About 90% of our work are residential roofs.  When we come out to your house you will not even know that we were there until the time when you pull up to your house and see the new roof, and just say “WOW” glad I chose Revived Exteriors to be my roofing contractor.

We are a local roofing contractor located in Arlington heights Illinois. We all service most towns surrounding Arlington Heights like Lake Zurich, Prospect Heights, South Barrington, Mount Prospect, etc. We are licensed, insured, and bonded roofing contractor. We take great pride to say that we will be around for the long haul. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us during our business hours.

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There is a variety of different roofing shingles being used in the Midwest.  Give us a call to have our team of professionals help you install or repair your roof.

Asphalt 2 types: Fiber Glass & Organic

Most commonly used in the Midwest

Fiberglass is more popular for both roofers and homeowners

Easier to install and work with

More cost effective than organic

Come in a variety of colors to match many of your home/office exterior aesthetics

Cedar Wood

A luxurious deep-rooted look that distinguishes your home from your neighbors[/toggle]

[otw_shortcode_content_toggle title="Slate (original & composite)"]Lasts longer that other roofing options

Many colors and shapes are available

Clay Tile

Normally wasn’t seen in the Midwest due to the harsh winter environment but new processes are in place to treat the ceramic for such locations.

Very heavy and requires additional support to your roofing deck

Concrete Tile

Very durable

Provides a highly effective thermal insulation

Can imitate other roofing styles including clay tiles


Aluminum or Steel

Durable and light weight

Energy efficient

Come in forms imitating Cedar Shakes, Slate and Tile and doesn’t require additional reinforcement to your roofs rafters


Enhances the beauty of bay windows

Over years it form a green patina

Highly resistant to corrosion

Initial cost to install copper is significantly higher than aluminum or steel

Tar & Gravel

Durable but likely to leak

Generally requires removal and removal is a more costly process

Not recommended for new roofing applications

Spray Foam

Sprayed in a liquid form and fills crack and crevices to provide a strong barrier from leaks (self-flashing)

Weather resistant

Energy saving

Tough and light weight

Can be sprayed with energy star qualified roofing coating to help increase energy savings


Can withstand cold weather and wont brittle

Very low maintenance

Used on flat/low sloped roofs

When installed correctly it leaves your roof leak free since there are no seams for water to penetrate


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